1000 cases of Covid-19 reported in Pakistan


1000 cases of Covid-19 reported in Pakistan

Pakistan has now crossed 1000 affirmed instances of Coronavirus. The speed at which the Coronavirus cases are being accounted for is disturbing.

To place it into point of view, Pakistan has announced its 1000th case quicker than Italy, which is currently the focal point of the ailment.

Italy had announced its first instance of Coronavirus on Jan 30 while Pakistan revealed its case on 26 February.

It just took 29 days for Pakistan to affirm its 1000th case. Though, Italy had affirmed a little more than 600 cases in the initial 29 days after the affirmation of the primary case.

Actually, Italy crossed the 1000th imprint on March seventh, 38 days after the main revealed case. Presently, Italy has seen around 7,000 passings and 70,000 individuals are tainted due to Coronavirus. The number is required to rise given the colossal old populace of the nation.

Pakistan has upheld exacting lockdown measures to check the spread of Coronavirus. Considering the absence of medicinal services offices in the nation, things can turn miserable for Pakistan if the general population doesn’t watch these limitations.

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