5 Best Entertainment Apps Every Netflix User Should Have!


5 Best Entertainment Apps Every Netflix User Should Have!

The content provided on Netflix doesn’t remain the same; it changes from time to time. As new content adds up, old ones are removed. The problem is users may find difficulty in tracking the content Netflix offers because of this addition and subtraction.

In order to know about the must-watch content on Netflix, we have listed down 5 best entertainment apps that are designed just for Netflix uses. These best entertainment apps help you find the right content from Netflix and keep you update about all the new content and those which are going to be removed.

Among the different tools and apps serving as a bridge between you and Netflix, these 5 best entertainment apps are what every Netflix user should be looking for. Let’s dig a more in them.

1.     FlickSurfer:

FlickSurfer makes everything easier for you as it gives you updates about all the high-rated content present on Netflix with a click. You can search for it based on the content type like movies or TV shows, or by seeking the right genre. There is also a rating provided for the content it shows, like IMDB rating, Rotten Tomatoes rating, Netflix user rating, or the average of these three.

2.     WIOFLIX:

You better call this best entertainment app as “What’s on Netflix?” because that’s what it does. WIOFLIX has some features quite similar to FlickSurfer but it has one thing more; it shows all the new content Netflix for better finding. The best part is, it is available on all three i.e. iPhone, iPad, and Android, so it doesn’t really matter which mobile device you have.

3.     Netflix Roulette:

You don’t have to be doing much for finding the right content for your weekends, all you have to do is put faith on Netflix Roulette and all will be better. This best entertainment app is doing everything for you; digging, searching, scouring, hunting, reading, and reviewing, and rating. In short, you get the next stream up by Netflix Roulette.

4.     InstantWatcher:

It is one of the best entertainment apps fro Netflix users as it provides solid content to watch, just like other tools. But the thing with InstantWatcher is you find it robust and complex. But on the other hand, it has many different options to bring variety. Also, this app is for both Android and iOS. So, you can have both mobile devices.

5.     Netflix Enhancer:

It is more like a plug-in for Chrome and Opera and it enhances your Netflix usage. This free browser plug-in helps you with different things related to Netflix; it extensively provides ratings and reviews through pop-ups, you can watch the trailers available on this site through a pop-window, and many other things. The older version is free but for a newer version, you have to pay $1.99 per year.

So, grab at least one of these best entertainment apps to enhance your user-experience on Netflix. Hopefully, the articles did give you all the relevant information.



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