5 Of The Best Live Chat Software That Can Add Value to Your Website


5 Of The Best Live Chat Software That Can Add Value to Your Website:

According to a survey, it is reported that 67% of the uses during shopping through eCommerce websites cancel their purchase and check out. When it was checked to know why this happens, it came out that customers want all their queries to be answered without any delay. They want something that makes them sure about what they are purchasing. In case of any uncertainty, they cancel their and you lose a sale. If that happens more often, imagine how it is going to affect your business.

The only solution to this problem is to add a live chat software to your website and help your customer in case of any need. This way you will actually make them stay without cutting off an order. There are many live chat softwares available for your business. But if you talk about the best live chat software, here are the top 5 of them listed below with distinct features. All of them work really well for any WordPress website.

1.    LiveChat:

LiveChat leads the list of the best live chat software. Why I choose it to be the number one best live chat software is because it is easy to install and set up. You can add a LiveChat plugin to your WordPress website for free.

What makes it all the way more capable is that there is a LiveChat app available for your laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. So, you don’t have to be necessarily login to your WordPress dashboard, you can chat with the customers from anywhere and anytime.

You can conduct a survey to know the status of your LiveChat team before and after a live chat with your customer. Also, the customers can send a support ticket through live chat even you are on off-hours.

LiveChat uses other marketing services as well like CRM software, Google Analytics, Zendesk, etc., this way the customers’  details will get entered in other systems automatically.

Another feature that makes it the best live chat software is its speedy and fast working. It is perfect for all other devices so it brings user experience to the next big level.

2.    Sendinblue:

Sedinblue is another best live chat software, especially for the beginners. You can start using it just by setting a chatbox with your account, then by linking it to your website via a WordPress plugin you are ready to go. Voila!

The way it works bringing you maximum customers is indeed its prominent feature. You just make sure you answer every question of your visitors through live chat to make them your customers. It has this marketing automation system that helps you get more leads.

Its marketing strategy is so powerful as it offers built-in email marketing integration, retargeting for Facebook ads, CRM, SMS marketing, landing pages, etc. I see you paying customers increasing, people!

3.    Olark:

Olark is the 3rd best live chat software for online business. Its easy to use and simple aspect make it popular among the users. Start by copying the code snippet and pasting it to your WordPress sidebar widget.

If coding is not your thing, you can directly add free Olark Live Chat plugin to your website and start blazing.

Its prominent services include integration, Salesforce, Zendesk, Highrise, etc. Also, there are many iOS and android supported third-party mobile apps that connect you to Olark live chat system so you can easily get connected with your customers.

4.    Zendesk Chat:

Many of you have known it as just Zendesk, a famous help desk support software provider. They initially developed it as Zopim to put their feet in the live chat support market and now they are leading this live chat world by the name of Zendesk Chat.

People who have been using Zendesk don’t have to worry as Zendesk Chat directly connects with the existing support software. It is suitable for WordPress, Salesforce, etc.

They have a system of generating chats when no live agents are available through real-time chats, advanced analytics, and AI-powered chatbots. Also, their pretty templates and chat widgets can grab your customers.

5.    Chaport:

What makes Chaport the best live chat software is that it is totally free. Optimized your WordPress site with this free live chat software that offers unlimited chats, history, notifications, unlimited registered operators, and availability of 5 operators at once.

Chaport is capable of providing you all the basic services like live chat support apps, eye-catching chat widgets, reporting and analytics, combination with Zapier.

When you choose paid packages, the additional offerings are typing insights, visitor notes, saved replies, file sending, auto-invitations, etc.





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