China Introduces App To Prevent Coronavirus From Spreading


According to a report by Xinhua, a Chinese press agency, China has unrolled a mobile app dubbed the “close contact detector,” allowing people to see whether or not they were in close proximity to a Coronavirus carrier.

The application works by letting users check their status by scanning a QR code using applications like Alipay, WeChat, or QQ. The person is then directed to a page that needs them to enter their name and government ID number. Once all the knowledge is added, the user’s status is displayed.

The report doesn’t detail how the Chinese government developed the appliance and the way does it determine the danger of exposure. However, the report does disclose that the govt has received support from several agencies, including the National Health Commission, the Ministry of Transport, China Railway and therefore the Civil Aviation Administration of China. Thus, the info used is accurate, reliable and authoritative.”

In other news, the close contact detector’s requirement for ID numbers has been raising some concerns with privacy critics. Since the Chinese government is understood for its high-level surveillance on the citizens. Some people, on the opposite hand, believe that the gravity of things outweighs the necessity for individual privacy. Let’s see if these efforts are enough to regulate the spread of the epidemic

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