Do You Know Your WhatsApp is Hacked? You Need to Know About WhatsApp Privacy Policy!


Do You Know Your WhatsApp is Hacked? You Need to Know About WhatsApp Privacy Policy!

WhatsApp, a messaging app is widely used application throughout the world making calling and texting easier than before. This free app is powered by Facebook provided with features everybody loves to use, from free international calling and texting through the internet to end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp is definitely one of the powerful apps people use nowadays.

You would see your jaw-dropping with this that WhatsApp users are over 1.5 billion and they send about 60 billion messages each day, something really surreal. So far this is the best app, but back in May 2019, WhatsApp told its users about some system vulnerability that might lead to WhatsApp account hack. Hackers can get into the profile, this is known, but being hacked through your entire phone, nobody would tolerate this. It is clear that what that spyware wanted, but fortunately, WhatsApp was able to quickly respond to this problem. WhatsApp plan was changed and now the new update would be able to protect the users.

WhatsApp New Privacy Policy, How to Get Secured:

If you are recently getting into this app, make sure you install an updated version. Provided with some steps that are helpful in making your account safe and secured with WhatsApp:

  • Lock App: This feature is not owned by WhatsApp, but there are third-party lock apps available you can use to secure your account. Get a trustworthy lock app and use a pattern for WhatsApp unlocking as you do for your mobile unlocking. This way your WhatsApp account hack will be really far from you.
  • Log Out: Another way to secure your app from hackers is by logging out every time you are done using the WhatsApp, whether it is a desktop or mobile version. Why it is needed, WhatsApp sends a notification whenever you log in when you are using the log out option, so whenever there is something odd, you will get to know it.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: All of you already know about it as this option is almost every other app including WhatsApp. WhatsApp is provided with end-to-end encryption, so this option can be the strongest barrier between your WhatsApp account and the hackers.

How Would You Know About Your WhatsApp Account Hack?

Even if you are using all the security options, you can never be sure of your WhatsApp account hack, you can never say if your account is 100% safe from hackers. If you want to know the signs of WhatsApp being hacked, and if you are sensing the WhatsApp down, then the following points will help:

  • Logging Issues: WhatsApp doesn’t offer more than one device option at the same time. If you cannot log in to your account or text or make a call, this is surely an alarming situation that someone is already using your account on another device.
  • Keep a Check on WhatsApp Web: This feature, as the name means, a person can use WhatsApp through a browser. This is something really great especially when you are working on a laptop, but hackers have a way to get into your chat logs and statuses through WhatsApp web. You will find something odd when you click on the WhatsApp web option in your mobile as it can tell where to get access; the devices.

Even WhatsApp is the globally used app for commination and business purposes, you cannot be out of danger from hackers. So, the only way is to get your smartphones and WhatsApp account secured with the steps provided earlier, you can then safeguard your personals.

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