Facebook Launches Coronavirus Hub for Messenger

Social media giants are coming together to fight against the spread of coronavirus and misinformation on their platforms. Facebook had placed a coronavirus information hub on Instagram first and now they’re bringing it to their Messenger app as well.

The Coronavirus Community Hub is aimed toward providing tips, authoritative information, and other resources to assist stay connected and informed and curb the spread of the virus. it’s also aimed toward stopping the spread of misinformation that has become common on the platform amidst the outbreak.

It provides details from the planet Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and UNICEF for reliable resources.

The news comes weeks after Facebook launched an identical hub on WhatsApp and Instagram. It comes at an opportune time as people are now using the platform for fast messaging and voice calling quite ever to some extent where all the traffic is becoming difficult for Facebook to handle.

The social network giant notes that there was a 70% increase in its user base engaging in group video calls and therefore the duration of group video calls has doubled also. Facebook has now also become the go-to platform for online news ever since the outbreak.




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