Facebook Messenger to stop using Chatbots, removes Discover Tab

Facebook Messenger has ditched chatbots and removed Discover tab as a part of a bigger redesign process to catch more eyeballs.

Facebook Messenger will stop using chatbots, during a move to specialise in speed and ease .

“The changes are a part of a bigger Messenger redesign that reorients the People tab around Stories as Facebook continues to undertake to dominate the ephemeral social media format it copied from Snapchat,” said the report.

The app has been streamlined as a functional messaging app.

In the new design, Facebook promotes a ‘People’ section where you’ll see large squares dedicated to friends.

This will show those that have recently updated their Facebook Stories.

One also can see contact list organized to market most used contacts who are actively online.

Instant Games and Transportation also will remove from the chat composer’s utility tray.

It will move inside the app so you’ll got to look for those.

Not just the most app, the corporate is additionally tweaking Messenger Kids.

In a bid to offer parents more control over what their kids do on Facebook Messenger Kids, the corporate added new privacy features on Parent Dashboard within the app.

Parents will now be ready to see more details about who their children are messaging with.

Parents also can know to whom their children are video calling, and a history of anyone they’ve blocked within the app.

Facebook Messenger to return forward with Parental Guidance
Facebook launched Messenger Kids in 2017 which faced tons of criticism over privacy issues.

The social app also announces to roll out a replacement feature for its Messenger service.

This move taken during a fight against fake accounts and therefore the spread of false information.

According to the small print , Facebook Messenger is testing a feature which will flag off messages coming from a fake account.

If you receive a DM from someone you haven’t conversed with during a while, it’ll show you information about when the account was created.

It will also tell whether that user is on Messenger without a related account, along side details on the telephone number .




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