Famous Actor reminds of the dangers of Dengue

As the season for dengue fever is around the bend, Mortein has propelled their authority TVC so as to battle against this on-going sickness which has assumed control over Pakistan repetitively. Shaan Shahid, plays the main on-screen character in the business and examines the dangers of dengue.

He portrays the impacts the infection has had on numerous individuals while continuing with a source of inspiration towards battling the sickness for the last time. He apropos talks about the sickness spreading an unbelievable rate.


As we probably are aware, Dengue fever is exceptionally basic in Pakistan and has contaminated grown-ups and youngsters the same. So as to battle the sickness and spread attention to its belongings in Pakistan, Mortein is taking dynamic measures so as to shield individuals from the infection.


Shaan describes how genuine the ramifications of dengue fever can be as it influences the individual who is contaminated as well as their family and individuals near them too. The effect of the fever is fierce and fundamental safety measures should be taken.


By communicating this TVC, Mortein expects to explore watchers’ consideration towards how genuine the malady is and how fatalities can be maintained a strategic distance from in the event that we make a move against the spread of the sickness.


As dengue is a mosquito-borne viral disease, the best method to prevent the infection from spreading is to annihilate the vermin themselves.


There are four distinct sorts of dengue infections, which means you can be tainted with the infection multiple times. The worldwide occurrence of this disease has developed at a disturbing rate, where half of the total populace is in danger.


There have been assessed 390 million cases revealed every year. Extreme dengue can prompt basic disease and demise, if not forestalled. There is no particular treatment for dengue fever yet clinical consideration is required.


The first run through being contaminated with the infection is reparable yet being tainted with it beyond what one time could be lethal.


Mortein has been the main mosquito repellent in Pakistan for over decades and keeps on remaining against bother related sicknesses. It battles irresistible sicknesses which spread through mosquito-borne diseases, for example, dengue, yellow fever, and intestinal sickness.


The TVC created acts like an open assistance message taking consideration back to the risks of dengue while asking masses to decide on safeguard rather than fix.







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