Google AdSense: How to Get Money With Google AdSense?


Google AdSense: How to Get Money With Google AdSense?

Nowadays, you find many techniques to enhance your website traffic, and out of them, the popular ways are through advertising third-party products or services to your visitors. Among all those advertising strategies to earn money, Google AdSense remains the most highlighted one.

Back in the middle of the year 2003, Google launched this advertising program which has now become the most popular on the internet as many marketers and web owners are influenced by it, is one of the best ways to monetize your website traffic. Each year comes with Google paying over $10 billion to its publishers.

As it has quite a lot of potential, we will be digging more about it, what is Google AdSense and how to earn money with it?

All the Strong Points of Google AdSense:

  • Many publishers and advertisers find it worthwhile, about 10 million websites have Google AdSense.
  • Google AdSense comes with high-class security, safety, and transparency, the things find attractive by the advertisers and publishers. Google is like a midway between the two points making everything transparent and clear. You can easily have a check on important metrics through your Google Analytics account.
  • Google AdSense has many ad formats. So, advertisers are free to use text, images, HTML ads, video ads, and many other things in different sizes. For a publisher, using different ad types will make him find the best one for generating great revenue.

As per the study, more than 63,000 advertisers and publishers prefer to use ad sizes of about 728×90 and 300×250.

The Working of Google AdSense:

Google AdSense is a simple and easy-to-use thing, all you need an AdSense account, put some codes into your website pages and start rolling. With its exclusive algorithms, Google will then start putting ads on your page which may or may not be related to your website content, it may depend on what users search before.

The working is that when visitors click on ads provided on your website, you will get paid. Google AdSense depends on a cost-per-click and revenue-sharing basis. In simple words, your job is to get those ads being clicked many times as possible.

Make sure you don’t overtake Google through fake clicks. You don’t need to ask your visitors or make them click ads through compulsion or anything. On the other hand, you, too, are not supposed to click those ads. Google has an intelligent mind, so it knows how to prevent fraud click. If it senses anything suspicious on your website related to traffic and clicks, your account may get suspended.

How Much Does Google AdSense Pay?

Advertisers have to pay Google per ad click. Publishers get 68% of that amount per ad click but reduced to 51% when AdSense is used for search.

The commission depends on the competitions you experience and the CPC according to your niche. In actual practice, it is from  $0.20 to $15 with one click. Most of the niches come under $3 amount per click to the publishers. But many niches are still very profitable and have great potential.

So, the point is how would you know which topics are profitable and which are not?

  1. You go and have an idea of the cost per click of the specific niche through the CPC Map tool.

If we target only the US, there are three most expensive niches in that region of the world, which are; Insurance, Online Education and Marketing & Advertising. It is going to be really helpful for you when you are new to blogging and you are going to choose the topics.

  1. Next, you can do is go and check the CPC of particular keywords through the Keyword Magic tool.

As this tool has this biggest keyword database of the world on its back, you can easily find over 14.6 billion keywords there as reported in August 2019. All you have to do it to put a seed keyword in the tool, like AdSense, and then you will get numbers of relatable terms with CPC, search volume, and the potential in terms of competition.

Keep in mind that whatever money you get through cost per click doesn’t purely depend on the niche you pick, there are other things too. These include the interest of your audience related to the ads, the position where you place the ads on your page, and many other things. So, you are required to have a deep look at the content of your page and check which position is the most promising by placing the ads on different areas of the page.


Everything is just a dream without traffic that’s why it is traffic-king, so the amount you get also has a thing with the amount of traffic your website generates. Even if you choose the best of the best type of niche and you know the exact location of the ads going to be placed on your page, without people coming to your website or blog, all will go in vain.

The case is, very minimum of your visitors are going to click the ads, maybe around 1% to 2% only. That equally makes sense to earning less than $1 per click. So, what is the point? You need to have a close working on the amount of traffic you get for maximum earning. For AdSense, this is just a need; a lot of working for traffic plus unique and quality content, no compromise on that.


Let us quickly see what we have learned so far. Google AdSense is indeed the best option for earning money, but it is not if you are thinking to be rich in a day or two. Some points to stick with you for enjoying the high and stable money from Google AdSense are:

  • Pick a topic you love and on which you have complete knowledge and command.
  • Try to be unique and relevant to your content. Try to renovate your website every day with fresh and new content so that Googles knows it.
  • Don’t ever think of cheating Google with fake or false clicks.
  • Research for the niches that are efficient concerning CPS and search demand, and then strategize your content according to that.

This is where you get started with AdSense and make everything monetize with it and with the traffic as well.


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