Google Can Now Translate Audio To Text In Real-Time

At an occasion in San Franciscoalongside other AI projects, Google demonstrated an upcoming Google translate feature which will allow it to transcribe long lectures and speeches while translating it into another language in real-time.

Previously, the tech giant announced the Google translate interpreter mode; however, it couldn’t handle long-form speech. The Google translate transcribe mode is meant to assist users to attend lectures in other languages or watch movies from different origins without having to read the subtitles.

To run the feature, users will need a stable internet connection since the interpretation will happen at Google’s servers rather than the user’s phone unlike basic Google translate. Moreover, this feature will only work on live audio since it’ll evaluate words in real-time and alter the interpretation supported the syntax. Of course, the feature will come up with a variety of funny translations initially but Google has promised improvement within the end of the day.

Currently, the feature is within the testing phase and consistent with CNET, it’s being tested for several languages which include Spanish, German and French. The feature will most likely roll call in the upcoming months. However, Google has not selected a timeline yet.

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