High risk of Covid-19 among South African Cricket Team


High risk of Covid-19 among South African Cricket Team

South African cricket crew players who were in India for a reciprocal arrangement are in danger of contracting novel coronavirus after a renowned Indian artist, Kanika Kapoor, was tried positive for the ailment.

As indicated by the reports, the Baby Doll artist was remaining at a similar inn as the South African group. It has not been affirmed whether she came into contact with any of the players, in any case, all the visiting individuals have been approached to remain in seclusion for 14 days.

“There are reports that she dined in the hotel’s buffet and also attended several guests in the lobby. She was living there at a time when the South African team was staying in the hotel for the ODI match, which eventually was called off. There is information that Kanika was seen briefly attending a news channel’s annual conclave held at the hotel.”

South Africa’s visit was dropped with no matches played attributable to the quickly changing coronavirus circumstance over the globe.

As of recently, there has been no official affirmation of any South African player testing positive for the novel coronavirus.

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