How to Choose Which is the Best Live Chat Software for Your Website

How to Choose Which is the Best Live Chat Software for Your Website!

Communicating with your website visitors is the need of the time because without talking to them you can’t perceive what they want. By adding a live chat to your site, you not only talk to them but there might be a possibility that they convert into your paid customers. This would be a quick help to your visitors, you can project them in the right direction just by answering their questions.

Choosing one best live chat software would be difficult because there is a number of such software available all you need to do is to just add or link their plugins to your website. Listed below are 15 best live chat software, each one having its own prominent features.

  1. LiveChat
  2. Sendinblue Chat
  3. Olark
  4. Zendesk Chat
  5. Comm100 Live Chat
  6. SnapEngage
  7. Chat Room
  8. Quick Chat
  9. LivePerson
  10. Bold360
  11. Intercom
  12. ClickDesk
  13. Freshchat
  14. SmartSupp
  15. Drift

Before knowing how these best live chat software work, you must be aware of certain things before choosing the right one for your website. After that, you will easily select the one that suits best for your website.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Best Live Chat Software For Your Website:

Linking a live chat software to your website will let you keep in touch with your customers instantly. It helps both the parties, you will get to know what your customers need, and your customers, on the other hand, will know they are buying the right product.

Before figuring the best live chat software out, you need to know the following things.


The first thing to keep in mind what your true purpose is, otherwise you will be a blackout. some of them are listed below.

  • To generate more sales and profits by talking to your customers through live chat about their needs and what type of product they want.
  • To generate leads through different email marketing services other than live chat. Your users might not be interested to do business with you now, but they will in the future.
  • To measure customers’ loyalty via NPS (Net Promoter Score). At the end of live chat, you can ask your customers to fill the NPS survey, this way you will know if they re happy with your products or not, and whether they are going to introduce it in their circle or not.


Go through different distinct features of each of the best live chat software. Only after that, it would be easy to pick one right for your website.


The best live chat software would be useless when it doesn’t offer this very important thing. Before selecting the one for your WordPress website, check if it provides you the absolute integration of your desired web apps. And if it offers a local integration to your WordPress site for WordPress live chat system, then it would be a plus point.

Some Benefits of Using Live Chat Software:

We can say, all the best live chat software gives tremendous benefits to the users. Some of the combined benefits are listed below.

  • The services are competitive at the market level.
  • Quick answers to your customers’ queries and eventually getting quick feedback through a live chat.
  • One live chat agent can talk two or three people at the same time and help them simultaneously.
  • No problem regarding understanding the accent of the customer.
  • Not causing any extra money to the visitors belonging to different countries.
  • Convenient, easy, helpful, and supportive to the customers.
  • System of analytics to keep a check on visitors.
  • Leaving a contact form instead of a live chat option when you are on off-hours.
  • The quality of your team can be reviewed through surveys and such things.




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