Instagram Offers Tough Competition To TikTok Through Its Feature ‘Reels’

The Chinese app TikTok has gained immense popularity round the world in recent years and realizing this threat, Facebook-owned photo-sharing app Instagram has also released TikTok clon feature Reels in November last year.

The TikTok clone feature Reels was introduced in Brazil and now the corporate has decided to maneuver it to the Explore section for user-profiles and public accounts, to form it easier for users to seek out 15-second clips.

After Brazil, it’s also being offered to users of France and Germany.

Right now it’s not a full-fledged TikTok clon feature, but it’s clear that Instagram is consistently performing on it.

The company has not yet said when the Reels are going to be unrolled worldwide, but it might be within the coming months.

Facebook’s proprietary app is trying to suppress TikTok within the same way it did with SnapChat.

That is, the Story feature was gradually unrolled to all or any users, and is now one among Instagram’s hottest features, and is employed daily by as many of us as not all SnapChat users.

Short videos like TikTok are now being fitted into the Instagram interface.

Facebook expects that with this feature, it can attract many TikTok users and therefore the users also will like other popular features on Instagram.

Chinese companies have always been criticized for imitating American companies, but this point the American company has stolen their feature.

Instagram has chosen Brazil for the launch because the app is so popular there, while TikTok isn’t widely used there at the instant , and music is very treasured in Brazilian culture.

Instagram also has the backing of the United States government as TikTok is being scrutinized by US officials.

It is believed that the Chinese company ByteDance bought the app Musically in 2017 for one billion dollars then turned it into Tik Tak, which quickly became popular everywhere the planet .




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