LinkBuildr: A Quick Guide to Use this Powerful WordPress Plugin!


LinkBuildr: A Quick Guide to Use this Powerful WordPress Plugin!

All of you, WordPress users, already know about the best and the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress.

But Plugins like LinkBuildr is currently not very popular among the people and many of you must not even have heard about this free plugin which is definitely going to rule the world of WordPress in the coming days.

I just came across this plugin and it made me fall for it knowing how powerful it is. So, in this guide, I’ll be discussing the following points regarding LinkBuildr.

  • A look into LinkBuildr
  • How this plugin can be used to build a relationship.
  • Tools that are linked with LinkBuildr

Before any further delay, let’s know a lot more about LinkBuildr

LinkBuildr: A Look into this Plugin

This free plugin is kind of an email outreach WordPress plugin designed to send email in a quick span of time to the linked people of your article

It has gotten over 100+ downloads which makes it a plugin that people don’t know much about, but this doesn’t define the potential it has.

If it has skipped from your mind, remember outbound links can make your article improved in terms of search engine ranking.

By using LinkBuildr, even the simple thank you email can receive by the website owners you are linked through outbound links. This eventually makes your face clear to other bloggers/influencers as they get to know about you linking to them. What did it get for your business?

  • Brand awareness
  • A good relationship with the linked website
  • A way to share their articles or ask them to link back your work.

You, therefore, can enjoy as a mean that comes into action after publishing has been made. And you will come to know that these 5 to 6 minutes of email sending are worth the wait.

How to Start Using LinkBuildr?

Let’s know about a complete pattern needed for the use of LinkBuildr. The first three things you need for LinkBuildr to work effectively are:

  1. LinkBuildr plugin
  2. MailPoet’s WP Mail logging plugin
  3. io to search for the email address of a domain

First, install the 1 and 2 plugins.

Organize the Email Template

Go on LinkBuildr then Email Templates and start the configuration. You can show all your creativity here at this point.

The following example might help you in creating an outreach email.

Next, you need to open any of your articles that are provided with link resources. The articles can be both, published and the ones you are going to publish soon. For an effective team working, you can even add this point in your SOP.

Go for Edit option and then Update button to allow the LinkBuildr search for all the linked domains in that article.

An example has been given below of 14 Home office of professional bloggers. And when you go for Add Details option, a screen appears allowing you enter contact details of a particular domain.

Now you need to signup for for free. You can go for any other services in place of

When you search the domain name through this, it will provide you the email address of that domain.

Now everything is easy and clear, all you require is to do copy and paste the name and email address in the LinkBuildr plugin and choose the right email template in case of multiple templates. You can even customize the email template for different posts if you want.

This way keeps on doing until you find all the email addresses of the linked domain and skip the ones you fail to find. Then click Save.

You can add contact details of the domain through clicking LinkBuildr then Contacts.

Also, LinkBuildr has the option of importing contact details that makes it all the more markable.

Exporting all of the linked domains from the contact page increases the speed of the entire process.

There is another option of Send LinkBuildr Emails on Publish. When you enable this option, you will find new posts and any update regarding the older ones.

Voila! All the linked domains are going to receive the emails.

Verification of Emails through WordPress

To be sure of all the emails you have sent, the WP mail logging plugin will be required.

This free plugin’s dashboard is accessible from going through tools and their WP Mail log.

The view option previews in front of you the actual email.

The examples are given below.

All the aspects stated above make LinkBuildr a powerful WordPress plugin through which you can build contacts with other bloggers/influencers, and it will definitely a must-have for all the WordPress users.

Reviews of LinkBuildr

Heads off to its developers for developing and releasing this plugin for free. There will definitely be a lot more features included in this plugin to make it more effective and well-used. Like,

  • Including API and such other services to have quick contact details for WordPress.
  • Controlling different domains to include or exclude them from the outreach emails system.
  • No repeated emails.

For its free, lightweight, and effective working, it is right to give this plugin 4.5/5 ratings.

Feel free to share your views about it and ideas to make it handier. Also, don’t forget to share on other social platforms if you liked it.

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