Motorola Razr is Nearly Impossible to Repair [Video]


PBKreviews, an academic review channel of YouTube, recently uploaded a full teardown video of the 2019-launched Motorola Razr. Where the video shows the high-level engineering that went into the planning, it also reveals that the smartphone is virtually impossible to repair.

The reviewer starts by loosening up the plastic back then moves on to heating up the lower half the phone to chop it lose. It then comes off with the fingerprint sensor.

The lower antenna is connected via four T4 screws that require to be removed to detach it. Once unscrewed, the antenna and loudspeaker are released. Following this, the reviewer takes the battery that comes with a connector held by a plastic bracket. The battery is fixed in situ with an adhesive. At now, he removes a panel to reveal the motherboard. Mind you, we are still digging around the back and aren’t even on the brink of the hinge mechanism.

After this, he heats and removes the external display that’s held by a ribbon cable. Once the external display is out of the way, the folding display starts separating from the frame.

The phone is reassembled at the top of the video, but it certainly shows how complex the assembly of this folding smartphone is. so as to access the internals, the rear and front panels need to be removed employing a heat gun. tons of small parts are crammed up within the space which makes it quite difficult to service.

This may are the sole practical way of creating a foldable smartphone since the technology remains in its early stages, repairability shouldn’t be a priority for buyers.

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