Prime Minister To Chair Federal Cabinet Meeting Today

Prime Minister Imran Khan will chair the federal meeting today, to review the political, economical and coronavirus situation within the country.

According to details, the meeting will discuss a 14-point agenda. the difficulty of revoking the licenses of pilots with fake degrees has also been included within the agenda.

Furthermore, the matter of prohibited arms license issuance by the inside Ministry are going to be discussed while the choice to extend the pensions of EOBI pensioners is additionally a part of the agenda.

The meeting will present a visitor policy regulatory framework for Iran, Iraq and other countries.

Moreover, the director of Pakistan Software Export Board are going to be appointed also .

The decisions of the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) and therefore the Cabinet’s Energy Committees are going to be approved.

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Approval of the safety and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP’s) auditors for the financial year 2020 and revision of guidelines for achieving the sustainable development goals also are within the agenda list.

The cabinet meeting also will decide upon delivering the internal control of Marghazar Zoo to the Ministry of global climate change and therefore the matter of panel surcharge waiver by the Revenue Division.




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