Strong Password: What’s The Best Password Generator for That Purpose?


Strong Password: What’s The Best Password Generator for That Purpose?

These days, everybody is looking for a password generator because our mind fails to generate a strong one. Even if try to make it more powerful we end up using our birth dates and pet’s name as passwords, in reality, this is the dumbest decision we ever made. Hackers can easily jumble words and know your password. So, from email accounts to amazon accounts everywhere password generators are playing a role.

You now need not worry about tricky passwords. These online password generators can do this work for you and help you generate powerful passwords for different accounts.

The Essentials of a Strong Password:

Before looking into the best password generator, let us be clear how a password should look like and what its essentials are. Two things are more important:

  • Length
  • Entropy

A long password takes a longer time to crack as compared to a small one. The reason is when you make your password longer enough that it appears a passphrase you make it difficult to break. That’s why the length of a password is an important factor to keep security. Also, when you add extra jumbled characters inside your password, you are making it furthermore tough.

The next important characteristic of a password is entropy. In simple words, how random your password is, this is what entropy means. How you put randomness in your password and how it appears matters a lot. Like when you make a password using a numerical series would be easy to break, but when you put different characters in between the numbers and disarrange it, that would be something huge for a hacker to think about.

So, as per the conclusion, we can say, the long and random the password is, the longer time is required to break it.

This is how all the best password generators work by creating a lengthy and random password ensuring full security. It is hard for us all to create the best password, even if we succeed, we cannot remember it. So, it’s better to take help from the best password generator.

Can We Trust the Password Generators?

Even if it is called as the best password generator, the question still lies there; can we trust it? How can we consider it as the best one? How can we be confident about it with the password?

By trusting it means a password generator must not use any logs and provide you a security certification so that you are ensured that this is proper for the website. It should properly make a connection with the website and itself.

Talking about the online password generators, we cannot really say that they provide everything correctly. In comparison to that, an offline password generator does things more securely than an online password generator. Because you deal with sensitive data and there might pop up certain issues, so you should be cautious. It’s then better to use an offline password generator.

But still, the online password generators have their own worth and you may, one way or the other, need it. Keeping It in view, the following password generation tools are rated as of high-quality and they are known to create some strong passwords for you with maximum length and randomness. Each of these online password generation tools is in itself the best password generator.

  • LastPass Password Generator Tool; allows you to ping for complex passwords generation using upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols
  • Dashlane Password Generator Tool; shows an animation of creating a password as complex as LastPass’s
  • Browser-Integrated Password Generator; introduced by Mozilla Firefox, offers password generation option
  • Perfect Passwords; offers a high level of entropy with full security
  • Secure Password Generator; allows you to add the same letters in the password and a Generate On Your Device option to prevent spreading your password across the internet.



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