The Actual Traffic Generates by the Websites: Is it Huge or Low?


Well, you might always think of all the possible ways a website gets traffic as it is important when it comes to competitive analysis.

As a part of the explanation, bloggers look at all the bright websites and see the key factors of development in their particular niche, this way they know how they can work for getting great and quick results.

The SEO concerns are all the little details of website traffic. Similarly, the advertiser focuses on the traffic a website generates based on the geo-location.

In this article, we will be looking at the best tools that give a clue about the estimated traffic generated by the websites. Whatever your requirements are, you can pick any from the following and know the accurate traffic analytics.

Tools for Traffic Analytics (Website Traffic and Ranking):

1.    SEMRush Traffic Analytics:

For competitive analysis, the results given by the SEMRush traffic Analytics tool are just fine and are proven to be accurate and deep.

SEMRush is the best among all the traffic analytics tool, using its services you will be available to find out the following things:

  • Total number of visits a website gets every month
  • The average duration of visit
  • Bounce rate
  • Pages/visit
  • Lead areas of traffic, what geo-location is involved in generating traffic
  • Social media platforms involved in a traffic
  • Paid ads traffic
  • Find sub-domain and traffic estimation

As written earlier, the lead areas of traffic, and by lead areas, we mean all the top sources involved to generate traffic. An advertiser masters in his skills and he knows when the website is using things for increasing traffic that has less or no quality. Simultaneously, marketers and bloggers discover all the new hidden traffic sources.

Some other important features which SEO and marketers find worthy of traffic generation are as follows:

Geo Distribution

Geo distribution helps you to know the exact location of the traffic, the country putting a website’s traffic to a higher limit. This will eventually help you to plan a better marketing and SEO strategy for your website.

Destination Sites

This is the smartest feature as it gives a clue about the next website the audience is highly likely to visit after getting through your competitor’s website.

The trick for SEMRush Users

When you are using the SEMRush traffic analytics tool, do change the device type so as to check the traffic on both desktop and mobile versions.

Pricing: The traffic analytics feature of SEMRush can be put easily since it is an add-on, this requires a $200 per month.

The basic SEMRush plan (Pro) comes with $99 per month, but later you will need to have an add-on if you want to know the website stats of a domain. The Pro package has many SEO features.

2.    SimilarWeb

This one is another very popular traffic analytics tool to have a quick insight into traffic generated by the website. With complete data and many other important matrices, the website’s traffic can be looked into.

What SimilarWeb offer are given below:

  • Insight of traffic
  • Total number of visits
  • The average duration of visit
  • Bounce rate
  • Traffic sources based on countries
  • Search traffic
  • Social traffic
  • Audience interest
  • Competitors and other such sites

Pricing: It also offers both the free and pro package. The free plan is quite good in terms of traffic estimation of a website. But if you want complete and detailed data, then your need SimilarWeb Pro plan which has this Enterprise plan, the price of which is not public by the authorities.

You would also find website Global, Country, and Category rank really useful when you own a website. Here’s an image pinned for better understanding.


We have discussed only the two popular and the best tools for finding traffic reports, though there are many others available too, because of the accuracy in the details these two tools offer.

SimilarWeb is for advertisers and marketers who want to have a quick glance over the traffic estimation of the website. On the other hand, SEMRush traffic analytics provides a competitive analysis with a detailed traffic report and ranking.

Based on your preferences, you can choose any from the two and get knowing all the tiny details of the traffic of any website.


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