The Best Adventure Apps That Can Take You the Next Level!

The Best Adventure Apps That Can Take You the Next Level!

When you go outside for a thrilling adventure with your friends, what else would you need? The right adventure apps help you navigate your ways when you are passing through different territories in search of fun, thrill, and everything.

We have grabbed some apps that can bring your adventure to the next available and the best part is, they are for offline use.

1.     Offline Survival Manual:

Available for free on Android.

Adventures bring risk too, so its better when you are already well-planned, but sometimes things go out of the way. For that, Offline Survival Manual comes as the savior. This adventure app helps your emergencies, like teach you for making the fire, shelter, where to find food, how to prevent injuries, and many such things.

Use to make people jealous of you as you would know everything, and bring the best adventurer out of you.

2.     Cairn:

Available for free on iOS.

Cairn helps you get back to home when you are done with your outdoor adventures. If your trip hasn’t completed as scheduled, it triggers your family with the last area you were present on. This app offers the following things:

  • Plans sharing
  • Offline map download
  • Stats on the route
  • Record hiking trail
  • Track areas with cell coverage

So, this app is the best thing to keep with you if you are planning to go hiking but always end up rejecting the idea. Cairn also gives outdoor safety for the users.

3.     Hiking Project:

Available for free on Android and iOS.

When you go for hiking, keep Hiking Project on your mobile phone, you can have way in over 74,000 miles of trails with this adventure app and it gives info all the best routes present near you. It is like a quick guide about the best hikes as per your location. It has a printed map, full GPS, route information, elevation profiles, photos, and many other compelling features.

All you need is to download the trails via this app and take help from it even when offline.

4.     Moonlight:

Available for free on iOS.

As the name gives a clue, Moonlight is all about camping. It is designed in an easy-to-use manner and has checklists related to your trips which you can share with your travel partners as well.

It is the best adventure tool for all the campers out there. It offers information related to the campsites, recent campers that were there before you, many recipes you can try while camping.

It is free to use and for offline purpose too.

5.     Sky Guide AR:

Available for USD 2.99 on iOS.

Can you see that star? Or maybe it is just a plane. Look closer and you will see a satellite! With Sky Guide AR, you can have out-of-the-world experience of stargazing.

Sound adventure-y for all the star lovers, doesn’t it? It is easy to use and gives you a beautiful vibe. All you need is to point the sky to the sky and it will rules out the constellations for you, not just that, even the planets, satellites, or UFOs too.

So, for seeing the sky-beauties, you don’t have to travel years and years into the galaxy.






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