The Best Entertainment Mobile Apps You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet!


The Best Entertainment Mobile Apps You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet!

When you can find everything just a click away, why won’t you run for it? This is being the case with the entertainment mobile apps too; you sit on your comfy bed after a day’s hard work and there you have the best apps for perfect relaxation. In this technological era, the benefit entertainment mobile apps get isn’t comparable to any other development company. And it is being surveyed that the top 5 positions of most used apps are taken by entertainment mobile apps. So, let’s check some of them which you surely want to try later.

1.     TED:

Want some motivation? Try the TED app with above 1400 videos to inspire you and make you ready for the challenging environment. This entertainment mobile app is designed for all mobile devices. Also, you can have an ear to its on-demand radio system while heading to work. TED gives you plenty of motivational life advice from successful people. So, why not give it a try, you might want some energy for the next day.


This entertainment mobile app caters to the Indians mostly, as using BookMyShow you can book tickets for movies, concerts, stand-ups, and theaters in India. Also, it provides you the information regarding upcoming shows based on your location. Because nobody wants to ruin their weekends standing in the long queue for tickets. You can easily book tickets online using this app.

3.     9GAG:

9GAG is originated from Hong Kong. This application allows users to create content, whether it is funny videos, GIFs, and images, anything you like to make for the sake of a laugh. The impressive part is its 10 million downloads on Google Play having a rating of 4.6; see the potential it has got. It was launched in 2012 and the audience it has grabbed till now is amusingly huge.

4.     SPOTIFY:

They say music heals and it is quite right, isn’t it? When you are stressed after your day full of work, you might relax with some calming music and Spotify comes as the best option. This entertainment mobile app allows listening to music and even allows offline use. It has a 24 million user base making it the topmost music app. It categorizes the content as per artists and songs. The new updates of the app reveal that you can save up to 3000 songs for offline listening.

5.     NETFLIX:

Last but surely not least, I give you guys Netflix. It is the best of all, so we can say that everyone already knows about it. This entertainment mobile app needs no introduction, as you all know the same as its website, the app provides you unlimited movies, sitcoms, and TV shows. With the app, you can also download the episode for offline purposes. The app allows users to connect it to the TV to enhance user experience. It has revolutionized the satellite system and is ruling the market. As per revenue, Netflix is the 10th largest company in the world.


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