The Best Password Manager App: It’s Working and the Annual Subscription Price!


The Best Password Manager App: It’s Working and the Annual Subscription Price!

You now don’t have to write all of your passwords in a diary or sticky notes to remember them, because there are some great password manager apps that help you create a boundary against hackers.

Days of struggling to create powerful and clever passwords are gone, the technology is there to help you. Password manager apps are so handy and easy to use, a simple way to manage all your IDs on different devices, save your passwords, forms filling, and syncing your data on Windows, macOS, Android phones and iPhones and iPads.

It is right to call these password manager apps a treasure house as they provide a mean of saving all your login data for your websites, apps, etc. Apart from managing your information, these apps create strong and unique passwords as well, so you won’t need to heat up your brain for making passwords. These apps make sure you are not using the same passwords for different services, so they create them. This way of password manager apps to generate many passwords to guard your different sites in case one password gets hacked.

By allowing your system to get linked with the password manager app, all of your login information gets saved on it and you don’t need to include it again and again, like credit card information or shipping addresses. You only need a master password or PIN or fingerprint to give it access to fill form or password automatically. In some cases, you may find online storage and encrypted vault to sore documents.

How the Password Manager Apps Work!

Following points may give extra help to how these apps work:

  • Store login information and autofill forms or passwords
  • Generate good and strong password in case you fail to do so
  • Ensure no two passwords are the same
  • The option of including credit card and shipping information
  • Keep your documents safe
  • Encryption option to recover the account in case you forget the master password
  • Some tools are available to restore your account if any problem arises.

Best Password Manager App: 1Password

There is a number of password manager apps available for your ease, all of them are working really well. Picking the best password manager app is quite difficult, but here we’ll be looking into the one, that is, 1Password.

1Password is that you can blindly trust it with your data. It saves your login information and keeps it private and secure. It is the best in all its tasks, all you have to do it to create one master password to start using it. It is designed for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux and Chrome OS.

Though there isn’t any free version of this app available, it is worth the money. They offer a free trial of 30 days before signing up. Its annual subscription price is $36 and provides 1GB document storage and another optional service for maximum security, that is, two-factor authentication. There is a travel mode that enables you to remove your 1Password data from your device when you are out somewhere and restore it as soon as you come back.

For Macs, there is only a Touch ID system to unlock the app while for iOS devices there is an option of Face ID too. If you choose to pay $60 annually, it allows you to share your passwords, credit cards and such other things among five family members with individual vaults. You can easily keep a check to whom you are sharing your information and limit their use of it.

By making separate guest accounts you can share Wi-Fi connection passwords with the guests, like home alarm codes, etc.

For a quick overview of features provided by this best password manager app, we can say it offers:

  • Free trial version
  • The annual price of $35.88
  • Suitable for Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, iPhone, and iPad. Browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera.




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