The Important Characteristics of the Top Password Manager!


The Important Characteristics of the Top Password Manager!

Passwords managers are ruling the digital world with its handy and easy use generating and managing passwords keeping in view the security of your accounts. With the aid of these simple to operate and understandable password managers, you won’t have to remember the long passwords.

It’s simple as that.

But password managers require different fundamental characteristics and features to save your credentials. Here is the list of all those important characteristics a top password manager should possess.

1.    Take notes:

The top password manager should possess the quality of taking notes with security. These notes can be saved category wise, tagged, shared with others, and even allow you to search it. When you go for a bank account option, you will get a ping of related fields like a bank account, bank name, account number, account type, etc.

Some password managers also provide import and export of these files if you are going to switch to another password manager. You can even put passcode protection for all notes individually.

2.    Store Files:

Another quality of the top password manager is that it stores files. In some password managers, you will find the option of attaching documents and images to the notes. This information is put on an encrypted mode with the notes and you can go for it through desktop and mobile services. You can add a description with the attachments and categorize them in different folders or files like a business card.

But you can only have this cloud storage service via money payment. As for example, LastPass offers a free plan with 50MB, its premium version allows 1GB storage.

3.    Auto-fill Forms:

One of the wonderful features of the top password manager is it auto-fills the forms.

This means you won’t have to fill every form manually that passes before your eyes. What you are required to do is to just go and fill your details in a generic form given in the password manager. After that, the password manager automatically fills all the forms you come across online.

Available on both desktop and mobile devices, you can find the form fill profiles on the navigation bar. If the password manager provides browser extensions and you have got one, you might get a ding to ask if you would want to create profiles automatically after locating some of your online filled forms previously while browsing.

4.    Web Browsing:

Some of the top password manager/apps have an inbuilt web browsing service to securely and safely surf the web.

This service is also supported by the auto-fill forms preventing you from again entering your credentials. Also, it provides you all the main things you need via browsing like multiple tabs option, a desktop version if you want, bookmarks, keep a track of your website obstructing the trackers or cookies to monitor your browsing history, etc.

5.    Random Passwords Generation:

Accept it that you cannot remember the tricky passwords, so why not give a try to these random passwords generation offered by the top password manager.

You don’t need to fit them in your memory, just trust these password managers. You can also change the length, add or remove certain characters, set filters if you wish to.

6.    Security:

These password managers ensure full security by keeping a check on how strong your passwords are through factors like length, character, how many times you use the same passcode, when you last updated it, etc.

After that, if any update or refresh is needed, it will notify it triggering you to change your weak, duplicate or old passwords. Some password managers also allow you to take a test with your friend to know how secure you are.

7.    Emergency Contacts:

Some of the top password managers also permit you to set emergency contacts.

So, in case of any mishap, they will be notified. But keep in mind that after a certain buffer period, your credentials including your stored password and data will be shared with them. Choose wisely before you allow them in.




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