The Reasons for Not Getting Enough Traffic and Conversions!


The Reasons for Not Getting Enough Traffic and Conversions!

Content marketing blog is leading the marketing industry but even if you are creating a lot of it, that doesn’t mean you will get more traffic. The stats show Google’s first page contains content that contains approx. 1,890 words, but it isn’t the case that writing jumble of words will generate a lot of traffic. There are millions and millions of blogs present, so it becomes really hard to create awareness, which means the competition is really tough to make people get to your brands because even if you are writing on a current topic there is definitely someone else who is writing on that too.

The next thing for a content marketing blog is using popular keywords, but even with that, you can’t run from your competitors. The point is you are creating a content marketing blog on a topic while people are already reading it somewhere else. Even if the audience comes to your content, they won’t stay as by your headline they know they have already read it. So, to rule the marketing, you need to bring something new and unique, otherwise, it will go in vain. Even if you write thousands of words, people like to read only when your content is original.

What you need is to start sharing your life experiences, when you put your own insights and originality in the content, you will feel the difference by yourself. If you write about something that links you personally, you bring uniqueness this way in your content marketing blog and not only Google, people too, will love your content. If you perceive things differently and you have your own opinion, you write the content all by yourself and show the audience something new. But don’t always go for the topics that have already been discussed. This is the core of generating traffic from your content marketing blog.


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