Twitteratis roast Bushra Ansari for calling theater critic ‘corona’

Netizens lashed out at veteran actress Bushra Ansari for her harsh discuss the review of her drama serial, Zebaish, by YouTube channel Amma TV Aur Mein by Lubna Faryad.

Soon after Ansari’s comment, #IStandWithAmma started trending to point out support with Faryad.

‘Amma TV Aur Mein’ is a web show by Momin Ali Munshi and his mother Lubna Faryad where dramas are reviewed through the lens of a standard mom (Amma) watching Pakistani television.

Criticizing Lubna on her latest episode, Ansari took to twitter and wrote:

What a pathetic time for our drama, an inexpensive low-class person can just comment rubbish stuff about the diligence and artistic efforts of our artists.”

She further adds, “What criteria she has about our field. I don’t catch on why people are watching such a shallow paindo sort of them. it’s a sin to destroy people’s integrity. this is often cheap commentary.”

“If you don’t like all drama don’t watch it, but this is often the gutter level of commenting on somebody’s diligence . Actually when people don’t have anything to try to to they get jealous of these who do something,” she explained. Ansari concluded saying:

“May God offer you wisdom and respectable livelihood. It’s sin to destroy someone future and make your income. they’re corona in our lives Allah will finish them Insha’Allah.”

Here is that the reaction of individuals on twitter:




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