UAE Bans All Travel Into or Out of the Country


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has completely suspended the entry of tourists, nationals and dealing visa holders for 2 weeks within the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, a politician notification said.

The notification will inherit effect from today, March 19, and can be valid until the primary week of April. The country has also banned its citizens from traveling abroad. those that have recently returned are in 14-day mandatory quarantine.

This is a precautionary measure subject to renewal supported the health status measures taken thanks to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued an advisory for people with any sort of UAE visas, now staying out of the country. Here is the procedure to follow:

– People with a visit visa now staying within the country of origin should contact UAE embassies in their respective countries to streamline their return.

– Working visa holders currently outside the country should contact their employers also because of the UAE’s diplomatic missions in their respective nations for all necessary support.

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