Using a Managed WordPress Hosting, Is it Worth It or Not?


Using a Managed WordPress Hosting, Is it Worth It or Not?

If you own a WordPress site, you must be cautious about it and why would you not? It’s indeed a valuable asset to your business. But you’ll need to secure it so as to make it work effectively. For that, you’ll require to put your website in the best hands.

For a quick recall, web hosting offers services to showcase your website online projecting it to people via the internet, also it helps in storing your data. Whereas, managed WordPress hosting offers packages to manage your website. Why? Because not all of us can run a WordPress website on our own. It requires skills and extra work. So, managed WordPress hosting is like an operating system.

The question arises here is whether through managed WordPress hosting your website is completely secured and managed, does this add extra worth to your business or it is a total waste?

What Makes Managed WordPress Hosting Useful for Website?

There is no need to debate on it, if your goal is just WordPress and you can meet the expense of using it, then go for managed WordPress hosting. But if you took a pause at the first sentence then I must say read the below. There are certain exceptions in using managed WordPress hosting and in those cases,  you may not find managed WordPress hosting worthful enough to try.

1.    Type of Site, Test or Development Sites:

If you own a test site or development site, giving all the power to managed WordPress hosting wouldn’t be worthy enough. You’ll see your shared host often experiencing downtimes and the work pace might be slower. It’s easy to spend $5 per month when you have multiple sites to run at the same time.

2.    No, if You’re on a Budget:

Don’t panic if you are on a budget and you have got no choice, everyone once experiences this. What you can do is to save money in the presence of a tight budget and when you have a bundle of money, switch to managed WordPress hosting if your work really is that much critical. This is what the best strategy would be.

3.    Critical Non-WordPress Components:

You have a website running on WordPress, but some websites are like things that need extra care. Means, there are some codes and keys without them your website can’t function properly. In that case, high-quality managed WordPress hosting would be a useful option for your website rather than a usual one.

4.    Low-Traffic Sites:

Some of you may own a personal site that generates low-traffic and often goes into a break. Such sites that aren’t going to be a business site in the future don’t need a managed WordPress hosting. Yes, we all want our websites to level up at the highest ranks without loading that requires seconds. But if your personal site is viewed by only a thousand of followers, waiting for a few seconds for loading wouldn’t be a problem.

5.    Number of Sites Owned:

There is a limited number of sites WordPress hosting manages. Because if you have greater sites, it is likely that managed WordPress hosting would ask huge money for that. If all those sites make money, then it isn’t a problem to be considered, all you need is a multi-site deal and packages. But if you have also some low-traffic sites then it is better to leave them aside and pay attention to the main ones in regard to managed WordPress hosting.

So, before considering managed WordPress hosting, I ask you all to go through the above-mentioned points and pick it up only when it’s a NO for all of them.


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