Web Hosting: Different Available Options to Host a Website!


Web Hosting: Different Available Options to Host a Website!

Web hosting is a way of making your website available on the internet server through storage. This makes your website available for everyone who uses the internet. Web hosting is offered by various companies, which, by the help of their services and technologies, connects your stored information in the form of a website to the server so that it can become accessed by anyone on the internet through your web address. There are many options of web hosting which are listed below:

1.    Shared Hosting:

For small business or blog, you can opt for Shared Hosting. This way you are sharing your resources to a server that is equally guarded by many other websites, so your website may experience speed issues as you cannot completely control the server.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Simple

2.    WordPress Hosting:

If your work is precisely based on WordPress, you need no web hosting other than WordPress hosting package as it is created and optimized for WordPress.

3.    Reseller Hosting:

If you are interested in hosting business, then Reseller Hosting is the best option. You can rent out, re-sell, or even upsell the same services that the hosting company offers.

4.    Dedicated Hosting:

The best feature offered by Dedicated Hosting is that it allows users to have full control over the server which means you can install software if you want to.

5.    VPS Hosting:

Out of all, VPS Hosting is the strongest and advanced option of web hosting. It allows some resources that you can keep to yourself even if there are other websites on a server. Looking for the cheapest option? VPS Hosting is the right one.



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