Where to Find Google Keywords Rankings? Top 7 Websites that Cater You in this Regard!


Where to Find Google Keywords Rankings? Top 7 Websites that Cater You in this Regard!

SEO is a broad term with broad functionalities, one of its works is to pick the right keyword according to the rankings and keep a track on keyword position in the search engine.

It is also an essential element for all the bloggers and SEO specialist to know the Google keyword ranking and create content according to it. The biggest mistake a blogger or website administrator could make is to create and publish any content without knowing the keyword placement at all.

It hardly takes 10-15 mistakes to find the right keyword through keyword research tools like SEMRUSH or the KWfinder. When these wonderful tools are available, you should be eager to avail of their help and stand one step ahead in the search engines.

After writing an SEO optimized content, the next thing you need is to keep a track of all keyword rankings in the search engines and using the backlinks on the other contents with anchor text, you can continue the process.

If you want to see your content being top-ranked in Google’s search engine, you need to select the proper keywords.

Every blogger makes a target of using those keywords which are popular among the users, with respect to the use. The keywords that can bring your website on the first few pages of the search result are what everybody wants.

If you get to achieve the right on-page SEO, you will likely be able to reach the first 50 pages of the search results.

For creating an SEO optimized content, you must put command over keywords, you should be able to manage the keywords to find out all the relevant and strong keywords for your domain which will ultimately result in making your website a better-ranked in Google and other search engines.

To get this goal achieved, there are tools designed to suggest the Google search rankings of different keywords, preventing you from going through hundreds of pages and search results.

For your ease, we have listed below some wonderful free online tools for checking your desired keyword placement in the Google search result.

7 Reliable Tools for Checking Google Keywords Rankings:

1.    SEMrush

SEMrush is a perfect solution to your keyword ranking problem.

This allows you to enter the URL of your website or directly putting the URL of your selected blog post to find which keywords are currently putting up on the ranks. Also, you can find the keyword competition and other details by just clicking on the required keyword.

It gives you Google and Bing search results, while Google based on your target geographical region.

When you think of keywords rankings about any blog post of yours, you can simply find it out by typing your domain name in the space provided on SEMrush for the URL.

SEMrush is designed in a professional manner keeping in view the ease of the users. It allows users to go for a free trial of two or more weeks before deciding whether to subscribe to it.

The steps you will be following are:

  • Login to your SEMrush account
  • Go for Position Tracking under Rank Tracking option

There is a position tracking option in the top right where you are needed to write your domain name and some meaningful name too.

Go on the Create Project option whereby you are allowed to customize the settings in whatever way you like.

SEMrush makes everything easier with keywords tracking, by the following 4 methods you can easily take help from this tool.

  • By connecting your search console to extract out keywords from them
  • By manually typing the keywords for the rankings
  • By checking the listed keywords SEMrush has found for your domain name
  • By selecting file (*.txt, *.csv)

You can also push the notification for any changes in the keyword occurring over time. This would really help for people working as an SEO specialist for the clients.

As discussed earlier, SEMrush will them start measuring all the possible keywords rankings for your website.

In conclusion, SEMrush is a complete package for finding keywords placement in the search engines.

2.    AccuRanker

AccuRanker is the dedicated paid keyword ranking checker that would be a perfect choice for people looking for such tools.

The best part about AccuRanker is its in-built interface or easy startup. You can keep a check of keywords on Google as well as Bing search engines.

AccuRank shows fast and accurate activity. You can also get a picture of the search result on the display, helpful to give proof to your clients.

The prominent feature of AccuRanker is that it shows a result according to your target country or city. All you have required to do is to put a country or city in addition to the keyword for the tracking. The location can be more than one.

Since it is a paid tool, you are required to choose a plan according to the number of keywords you want to check, nevertheless, it gives a 14 days trial period to the users.

3.    Ahrefs


Just like SEMrush, Ahrefs is another pretty good tool for keyword placement checking.

Among all the remarkable features it has, Ahrefs automatically provides keywords regarding your website for search engine rankings, and this ranking is based on location wise.

Ahrefs not only track keywords for your websites but also shows the rankings of your competitor website. It offers 7 days trial for 7$.

4.    SERPWatcher

SERPWatcher is the latest addition by Mangools know for its great work and UI. It offers easy tracking for keyword position through the domain name and gives results based on the targeted geographical location ad devices (Desktop and mobile both).

SERPWatcher has a paid plan too depending on the number of keywords you want to check. But it isn’t a really huge amount, you can easily go through its paid plan.

5.    Google Rank Checker

The best free option is none other than Google Rank Checker allowing you to find all the keywords ranking on the Google search engine.

To avail of the services it offers, write the desired keyword with your domain name, and enjoy the results. Yes, It is simple and easy as that.

6.    SERP’s Keyword Rank checker

This is another free tool for keyword placement on the search engine, and this has other services apart from keywords tracking. It also provides CPC and search volume data for whatever keyword you need.

It supports geolocation services and devices like desktop and mobile. This is a quick tool to check more than one keyword position on the search engines.

7.    SEOCentro Rank Checker

The recent best keyword checker is SEOCentro Rank Checker. This allows you to check specific keywords on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. It provides not only the specific keywords position on different search engines but also gives the details and history of all those keywords.



Ending Points:

Among all the seven keywords ranking tools in our list, we assure SEMrush being our top preference because of its other functionalities like backlink checker, full site audit, and many other things. Don’t forget to share your views.




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