World Championship won by a ‘special’ child for Pakistan


Somewhere in the range of 56 years prior, a child was naturally introduced to a Pushtun family in Karachi who proceeded to turn into the best player ever throughout the entire existence of squash. You got it right, I’m discussing Jahangir Khan, who is a six-time best on the planet and 10-time British Open victor. 

Sir Jahangir Khan’s excursion wasn’t a simple one. In his youth days, the specialists had told his folks that this child won’t have the option to play any game. In a TV appear, the unbelievable squash player uncovered that he had issues in tuning in and talking also. 

He could neither hear nor talk until he was 8, in any case, his mom had confidence that her desi totkay will yield results. Considering his adolescence, Jahangir said that he despite everything recalls the days when individuals used to converse with him through motions. 

Not simply this, he was never bound to be an expert competitor since he had hernia directly from his introduction to the world. His primary care physician had explicitly exhorted his dad, who was likewise a squash titleholder, to get him far from the game as he won’t have the option to apply genuinely. 

“On the off chance that you need to accomplish something with enthusiasm and commitment, God willing, nothing can prevent him from accomplishing that”, he said. 

Later on,

“The same doctor used to watch my squash matches later.”

He wasn’t permitted to join a club and played in the middle of one-minute breaks when individuals used to come to play squash. Jahangir played squash while concealing it from his dad, be that as it may, he precluded having any kind from securing physical torment when his dad got some information about it. 

Jahangir experienced two activities at 5 years old and 12, after which he never thought back and continued playing squash. 

His sibling kicked the bucket of a cardiovascular failure while playing the Australian Open squash competition, following which he chose not to play the game until the end of time. In the wake of avoiding the court for 3-4 months, Jahangir’s dad spurred him to satisfy his expired sibling’s fantasy about observing him the best on the planet one day.

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